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The Tricouni Club is a small family-orientated climbing and walking club whose members do not come from any one geographical area of the U.K.   Therefore, although the membership requirements are by no means exacting, the process for membership is usually by introduction and personal recommendation by one or more existing members, followed by a mutual trial period where the aspiring applicant attends a few Club Meets. Notwithstanding, the Club wishes to attract new members and if you feel you might like to join but don’t know any of the current members, it may be possible to join an Easter or October meet if there is space available in Seatoller House. However, please contact the Club Secretary before trying to book as space is finite and Club members, then their guests, have priority at these times. Another option, if the House is full, would be to stay in alternative accommodation within the Valley, or even to camp at the nearby campsite, just as Club members have done from time to time over the years.


N.B.  This Tricouni Club is the genuine and original one with a continuous line of membership since the CHA days in 1929 and has no connection with one based in Derbyshire, giving itself the same name.  A number of the present members are sons, daughters and grandchildren of some of the original founders.  We still retain the original handwritten minutes from both the founding meeting of the CHA M.C. and the first meeting where it was reconstituted as the Tricouni Club. We even have J.E.B. Wright’s original handwritten assesments of the climbing abilities of those early members.

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This site and its contents remain the property of the Tricouni Club detailed on the site, with the exception of the photographs which strictly remain the intellectual property of the individual original owners or their heirs and successors.  You may link to the site, but you may not copy it or publish an altered or edited version of it.  If you wish to use any of the photographs you must seek and obtain permission first, which you may do via the archivist.  It is probable that any non-commercial requests will be treated sympathetically.   


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For practical reasons the photographs published on this site are necessarily reproduced at reduced size and resolution.  Notwithstanding anything contained in the paragraph above, Tricouni Club members can request, F.O.C., from the archivist digital copies of any of the photographs, (or scans of Club documents), at the original camera / scan size and resolution if they wish to produce prints at the highest available quality.  These can be sent to your email address or, if preferred, posted on CD-ROM.

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